Saturday, September 15, 2007

Somebody needs more sleep!

I'm sitting here and it's only 8:50 and I am SO ready for bed. With Todd working late trying to get all of his taxes done for the deadline we get to bed so late at night and the kids seem to get up earlier every morning. I've decided that I'm one of those people that need at least 9 hours of sleep or I don't function as well. So much for 9 hrs. a night......

Plus, I've had a very stressful day. We went to RC Willey so I could win the $2,500 shopping spree. I dragged Gwen along so she could have a chance to win as well. Unfortunately I kept doubting that I'd win so I obviously didn't (although Andrew was SURE I was going to win - he was devastated when my name wasn't called). I need to watch "The Secret" again and brush up on my "law of attraction" positive thinking. After the drawing we looked around the store for awhile while Gwen looked at some recliners. Emily can sure be a handful when she doesn't have a nap. Oh my goodness!! Everything looked like so much fun that she couldn't sit still and stop touching everything. And, it seems like the minute we step foot into a store the boys like to start a wrestling match. Hello?!? Can you just chill until we get home, and then you can go crazy! I just always have false expectations that they're all going to behave like adults when we go out. Go figure!! They really are good kids though. Much better than most kids I've seen. Andrew was so sweet. As we were leaving the store he said, "Mom, I wish you had won the money, then we could buy a bigger house". I had to explain that we need A LOT more than just $2,500, but it was nice of him.

After that Gwen took us to Chuck-A-Rama for lunch (which is the kids' favorite) and Emily had a tantrum right there by the lasagna because she decided that she didn't want it after all, after I had already put it on her plate. It's too bad that someone doesn't invent a napping machine that you can put your kids into and haul them around with you when you can't be home for nap time. She takes after her mother who gets very cranky on little sleep!

We got home and I then had to figure out the seating chart for the Primary Program for what seemed like the 10th time. There were some complaints about where I had people last week, and then my friend pointed out that you can't see the kids in back of the piano seats and I had some of the smallest kids back there. Duh! I spent hours on that thing. You'd think I'd have thought of that, especially after doing a primary program for the last 5 years now. I should be able to do it all in my sleep. I'm just glad that she pointed it out before our practice tomorrow. She was nice enough to go down to the church and help me figure it all out. I don't know what I'd do without her!! I made the mistake of taking the kids with me (not that I had a choice) and they kept running around the chapel having the time of their lives. Is it bedtime yet? Hopefully this is my last primary program. I think 5 years in a row is plenty to be in charge of, don't you? But I know when I'm released I'll miss being in there with my cute kids.

I keep trying to think of how nice and relaxing last weekend was.......Todd and I celebrated our 10th anniversay last weekend. He made all of the arrangments for us to stay in a B & B in the avenues called the Ellerbeck Mansion.
It was a really neat place. An old home built in the 1890's with a lot of charm. After we dropped the kids off at April's house for the night (aaaaahhhhh - peace and quiet at last!) we went to dinner and then back to the hotel.
This is our room upstairs where all the magic happened Couples(called Autumn leaves).....

That morning after breakfast we went down to the Gateway and walked through a few stores and decided to go into the Apple store to drool over the Mac. I am dying for one of those!!! They are amazing and can do so many things! Then we went to see "The Bourne Ultimatum" because Harry Potter wasn't playing there anymore. I know, I know - sacrifice brings blessings, right? I did like the show, but it was sure violent. I would have preferred Harry Potter but Todd was happy, so that was good. He deserves it!! Then we went to lunch and then back to pick up the kids. I really do miss them when we're not together, but it's SO nice to have a break once in a while. Especially since I'm basically a single mom 6 months out of the year during the busy seasons for tax time. Only one more month until Todd gets to start coming home at normal hours again (for at least a few months anyway).
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