Friday, August 31, 2007

Well, the kids had their first dance classes this week and they LOVED them!! Maria liked her creative movement class but didn't really share much about it when we got home becaues she was mad that we didn't walk home like I thought we were going to. Never tell a child that they're going to do something and then not do it. Big mistake!! I didn't realize that the hill down to the class was so steep and didn't have sidewalks, and it was blazing hot outside. Not wanting to walk up the hill with all four kids, I walked over to school and got the boys during her class time and we walked home (the non-steep way) and then picked her up in the car when her class was over. She was not a happy camper (and she can sure scream and slam doors when she's mad - I think she probably gets that from her daddy hehe;) ) Anyway, back to the fun dancing week, the girls and I sat in on the boys' breaking/hip-hop class today. It was so much fun watching them learn new things and copy what the teacher was doing. They were adorable. I would have loved to watch Maria's class too, but maybe I can do it another day. When we got home I downloaded the Usher song (U-turn) that the teacher was dancing to and let the boys practice. They had a lot of fun and are looking forward to next week.

The boys started school on Wednesday and Maria starts pre-school on Tursday of next week. The boys love their teachers and have had a great week. Other than that nothing exciting has been going on here other than Todd is in the middle of another busy season at work. Let the countdown begin......

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My kids are growing up on me! :(

Joseph keeps wanting to mow the lawn just like his big brother, so today I finally decided that he could. Andrew gave him some pointers and helped him along the way, and he did such a great job!! It's been so nice the last 2 summers not worrying about having to mow the lawn (not that I did it anyway - thanks to Todd).

The older three kids are loving their swimming lessons and have really improved in the last week. It's so fun to see them get more confident in the water.

Here are some more fun pictures that I took this week.....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance

Because we are such "So You Think You Can Dance" fans and the kids watch it over and over and try to mimic all of the moves, I decided to sign them up for dance classes. Maria will take creative movement and Andrew and Joseph are taking a breaking/hip-hop class starting in a few weeks. They are so excited! So next time you see them, ask them to show you some of their "sweet moves".

Fun Weekend

We just had a really fun weekend spending time with my sister Heather and her family, who live in North Carolina. We hadn't seen her 2 older boys since my mom's funeral 3 years ago. They've grown so much and are all so darling. My kids loved it and are sad that they won't be seeing their cousins again for a long time.
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