Sunday, February 17, 2008

I have the greatest sisters in the world!!

We decided for my nieces 16th birthday that we'd get together and have a girls night out and include a makeover for her, with a professional hair cut at a salon. Marsha was planning on coming from Colorado that weekend anyway so we were totally excited. Especially since she's been a makeup artist and she was going to be doing the makeup part of it. Unfortunately, there was a problem with her ticket so they wouldn't let her on the plane. She and April decided that morning to have a "consultation" and makeup class over the internet with our web cams. Well, this is the email that we received earlier that day. Talk about clever!!

Thinking that Utah is a barren wasteland without Marsha?
Miss her artistic ability terribly?

How would you like to participate in the first ever Marsha Bowen Makeup Artistry WEBINAR?
Now YOU CAN!!!

Where: McKinley's Design Studio for Hotties in Bountiful,
Lower Level
When: Saturday, February 16th ~ 4:00 PM

Be prepared to be dazzled and dazzling!

Isn't that the cutest? Anyway, it turned out really well, even though it was just through the web cam, and we all had a great time. Katherine looked AMAZING with her beautiful hair and gorgeous face, then we went to dinner and did a little shopping. We need to do that more often.


Okay, I've been tagged, so here it goes.....

A-Attached or Single?- Attached... totally! Don't miss those single days.
B-Best Friends?- Todd and my kids, my sisters (and those who are my adopted sisters. You know who you are......)
C-Cake or Pie?- It depends on the kind. I LOVE chocolate, carrot, banana cake (not all together :) ) but I love a really good pie with ice cream. If forced between only the two I'd have to choose cake.
D-Day of Choice?- Saturday if Todd's not working that day. If he does, then Sunday.
E-Essential Item?- Tivo (love that!), and my makeup (I'd be SO scary looking without it!!)
F-Favorite color?- PURPLE!
G-Gummy Bears or Worms? Anything sugar. I'm an addict.
H-Hometown?-San Jose, born, Salt Lake City, raised, but Bountiful is where my heart is!
I-Favorite Indulgence?-Dark chocolate mint truffles. Yum!!
J-January or July?-July totally!!
K-Kids? - Andrew, Joseph, Maria and Emily. Hard to imagine life without them!
L-Life isn't complete without?- my family!!!
M-Marriage Date?- September 6, 1997 (my parents anniversary as well)
N-Number of brothers and sisters?- 4 sisters, 1 sister in law, and 5 brothers in law.
O-Oranges or Apples? - Both - together! There's nothing better than fresh juiced oranges and apples together. Heaven!!
P-Phobia and Fears? - Loved ones dying. I also hate scary movies and haunted houses.
Q-Quote? - “Whenever something hurts us in life, we have a choice to make. We can become bitter or better”
R-Reason to smile?- my children's laughter and the cute things that they say.
S-Season of choice?- Anything but winter.
T-Tag three people?- I don't know anyone else that blogs that hasn't already done this.........
U-Unknown fact about me?- I had my first cavity last year. I am a sugar addict (trying to break that habit). I just asked Todd, and Joseph said, "You smell good".
V-Vegetable?- Love avocados (or is that considered a fruit?).
W-Worst habit?- Andrew just told me it's getting mad at them.
X-X-Ray or Ultrasound?- Ultrasound. When I first saw pictures of my cute little babies. I associate X-Rays with something bad (broken arms, pneumonia, etc.)
Y-Your favorite food?-WAY too hard to just pick one! I love food.
Z-Zodiac Sign?-Scorpio

Boring, I know, but there it is!
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