Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I love this video!!

This video is just one example of what a great father my children have. I heard this going on in the next room last year and grabbed the video camera. How fun is that?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mission Memories

Last week Sarah flew in from California to stay for a few days and go to our mission reunion.  It was SO great to see some of the missionaries again.  I wish more of them had come.  I've been home for almost 19 years now (gasp!  Can I really be that old?).  I served with and around some of the greatest people.  They are some of my very best friends.  We're bonded for life.  I even love the spouses that the Elders and Sisters married.  They chose well.
After Sarah went home I had a quiet moment to think about my mission and what it meant to me.  I ended up crying tears of joy just thinking about it.   It really was the greatest 1 1/2 years of my life and the best decision I've ever made, other than marrying Todd.  I had a strong testimony before I left, but it became even stronger.  I was painfully shy and couldn't talk to anyone I didn't know without dying inside, but I was able to get past it and get more out of my shell and gain a little confidence.  I went on a mission to teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and to give to others because I felt so blessed, but I ended up getting way more out of the deal than I gave.  I am SO grateful that I was blessed with such an amazing experience, and that I met so many wonderful people.  I am also incredibly blessed that I was able to serve under such an amazing man as Robert S. Turley.  He and Maureen (who died about 12 years ago) were such a wonderful example in my life and I love them both dearly.  This is a picture of him with his new wife, Faun, who is a pretty amazing woman herself.   

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