Sunday, September 21, 2008

Todd's Fun Day at Work

This happened to Todd last month and he finally wrote it down for me so I could include it in our blog.  Enjoy!!

It was the first of August and work was getting to be very busy with the looming tax deadlines approaching quickly.  I got up in the morning and went into work like it was any other day.  The day was going along just fine with me preparing tax returns and dealing with other tax issues for clients.  The time came for lunch and Scott, Troy and I decided to leave for lunch at around 12:20 PM to go to Costa Vida up in Colonial Square here in Bountiful.  We had a normal lunch and then as we returned to the office at around 1:00 PM the fun began.


     As we walked in the door to the office, I saw Gail Anger and Wendy Burnett talking at the front desk.  Gail turned to me and said that I needed to call officer Miller of the Salt Lake City Police Department in regards to possible Anthrax that I sent to Workforce Solutions.  I figured he was just joking because it sounds so ludicrous and we joke around at work all of the time.  I said, “Yea, right.  You’re joking”. He said no he wasn’t joking and he had the number to call written down on a yellow pad of paper. As I was looking at the phone number on the piece of paper, my cell phone started to ring.  As I took it out of my pocket, I saw the phone number on the screen and it happened to coincide with the number on the yellow pad of paper that Gail was holding.  My heart immediately began to beat very quickly and I was getting pretty scared at this point believing that what he had said earlier was really true.  As I answered the phone and said hello, the voice on the other end of the line said, "Hello Mr. McKinley, this is Officer Miller of the Salt Lake City Police Department."  Uh oh, I thought.  He proceeded to ask if I mailed anything to Workforce Services.  Gail Anger had said Workforce Solutions, which is a client of mine.  I had just prepared their payroll reports at zero for the quarter and mailed them directly to the Utah Department of Workforce Services around the 29th of July.  So naturally thinking it was my client, I said that I had not mailed anything to them.  He said that I had mailed it to them and that some lady had opened the envelope I had sent, and a white powder fell out of it.  They thought that it was possibly Anthrax and they had taken every precaution.  They had called in the Salt Lake Police Department, the Fire Department, Hazmat and the FBI. Now I was even more nervous, trying to figure out what in the world he was talking about.  My mind was racing to figure it out.  I kept denying that there was any possible way I could have mailed anything to them.  He said that they had the form with my signature on it and that the envelope came from my office here and read me the address.  I said to him that it was me but I didn't remember ever mailing anything to my client.  I then asked where he was at and when he mentioned that he was downtown at the state offices on 300 South near State Street, I said that I finally understood what was going on and that I had indeed mailed those reports to them.  I realized that they were calling from the Department of Workforce Services and not Workforce Solutions like I had thought. I guaranteed him that it was not Anthrax. What it was, I did not know, but Anthrax it was not.  He then asked if I had eaten any powdered doughnuts at my desk while preparing those reports.  I said that I had not, but then remembered that we had just celebrated Diane’s birthday in our office and that we had a white cake with white frosting on it.  I had been eating a piece at my desk while preparing those reports and didn't even think about it.  I apologized profusely about it and promised him that I would never eat cake with white frosting at my desk again while preparing those reports.  He then took down all of my information for his report.  I had a terrible rest of the day thinking that I had the police department, fire department, Hazmat crews and the FBI all looking for me in regards to white cake frosting that they had thought was possibly Anthrax.  

         I then proceeded to tell everyone about my ordeal.  They all couldn’t stop laughing about it.  I came home from work later that day and went over to help Augie with his wall on the south side of his home.  When I got there, I said to him, “You will never believe what happened to me at work today”.  He said, “I have to tell you what happened downtown today”.  Before I could tell him what happened, he told me about what happened just around the corner from his office at the state offices.  He told me that they were taking off to lunch and noticed police cars, fire engines, FBI guys and even guys in Hazmat suits coming and going from the building with all of their vehicles out in front of the building.  I said to Augie, “I know.  I caused all of that”.  I then told him all about what had happened with my little phone call from Officer Miller of the Salt Lake City Police Department and how they accused me of sending Anthrax in the mail when it was just cake frosting.  What a day!

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