Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who is Your Hero?

I saw this really cool ad in the LDS Living Magazine yesterday as I was waiting for the boys to finish their appointment at the dentist.  It was for these posters of people that we read about in the Book of Mormon.  (For those of you who don't know what the Book of Mormon is, check it out here: Book of Mormon.  It's a book of scripture that is about God's dealings with the people that lived on the American Continent anciently.  Jesus Christ appeared to them shortly after he was resurrected, and you can read about how he performed miracles and established his church with 12 disciples here, just like he did in Jerusalem.  It's another witness of the divinity of Christ.)  The posters say, "Who is Your Hero" and lists facts about each one.  I got on there today and ordered 4 of them for my boys' room.  There are about 12 to choose from.  I thought it was such great idea!  Here's the link if anyone's interested:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cool Disney Pictures

I saw these pictures done by Disney and Annie Leibovitzs for their Dream Portrait Series, where they've featured celebrities as traditional Disney Characters.  I thought they were so amazing!  There are a few more that I didn't post that were just okay for me.  Here's the web site if you want to check them out for yourself....

Where Every Cinderella Story Comes True (Scarlett Johansson)
Where You're the Fairest of Them All (Rachel Weisz)

Where The Magic Begins (Julie Andrews and Abigail Breslin)

Where You Never Have to Grow Up (Gisele Bundchen, Mikhail Baryshnikov)
Where Imagination Saves the Day (David Beckham)

Where Wonderland is Your Destiny (Beyonce, Lyle Lovett, Oliver Platt)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gotta Love Those Mammograms!

I had my annual mammogram a few weeks ago.  I got a letter in the mail telling me that I needed to go back in for some additional views and an ultrasound on one breast because they found something that wasn't there last year.  The letter came a few days before Christmas, so every time I would call to make an appointment no one was there.  Talk about torture!!  There's nothing like making people wait to find out if there's something seriously wrong with you. Especially since I have a family history of breast cancer and my mom died 4 years ago from it. Not fun!!  I finally got ahold of them to make an appointment, but couldn't get in for another week after that.

So, today was the day that I went in for ANOTHER fun office visit.  When I got into the room the nurse told me that they found something on the right side that looked like it might be a cyst.  I've noticed some pain on that side, and she explained to me what a cyst was.  As she was getting ready to get some more shots she told me that she was going to have to press harder on the machine to get a really good view.  I was thinking, "Press harder?  You've got to be kidding me".  So, I manage to put my very warm skin onto the freezing metal plate as she smashes (and smashes, and smashes....) the plate against me.  Holy mother of pearl!!  It hurt so badly I couldn't even breathe.  And, not once, but TWICE!!!  It's bad enough when your breasts aren't sore, but add the soreness from a cyst and it was unbearable.  At least the ultrasound part didn't hurt.  I saw this cartoon and thought it was hilarious.  I actually told the nurse today, "I don't think you're helping my saggy boobs one bit.  I think it's making them worse".
Here's another funny one.  I actually said to Todd today "Just imagine your stuff smashed into that machine as hard as it will go.  It's not pleasant".  

Just once I'd love for men to experience this, and being pregnant for one day.  Wouldn't that be great?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dog Lover

We've been watching April's dog again this week while they went to Disneyland.  I am such a huge dog lover (small dogs, that is), but Todd - not so much.  The kids have been wanting to get one for a long time now but I can't get one without Todd agreeing to it.  Maybe we can talk him into it next year when the house is all finished.

The girls have really warmed up to "Cali" this week.  They are usually very scared of dogs and weren't looking forward to having to have a dog around again, but for some reason they aren't scared anymore.  In fact, they've been quite the opposite.  They have been so obsessed with Cali and haven't given her a moments' peace, that I'm sure the poor dog is looking forward to tonight when she gets to go back to her calm family.

I sent them an email a few days ago.....

Dear Family,

HELP ME, PLEASE!!!  I am going absolutely crazy at this house that you've left me at because the little girls that live here will NOT leave me alone.  From first thing in the morning, to last thing before I go to bed, they are mauling me and petting me and walking me around the house saying "Cali this" and "Cali that".  They also like to sit in my pen with me when I'm trying to take a nap and pet me, and ask me all sorts of questions.  They keep fighting over me too.  It is getting pretty old.  I miss you all terribly and can't WAIT for you all to get home so I can have my sweet family back again and get a little peace and quiet.

Hurry back, please!!

P.S.  Don't I look just miserable?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009! It seems like just yesterday that it was Y2K. What happened?

Several eventful things have happened since I posted last......

The first thing that happened is that I got released from my Young Women's calling. I will really miss those girls though. They are really great girls!!

Then, for the next several weeks we all took our turn having the stomach flu except for Todd. There's nothing I hate worse than cleaning up vomit from kids' beds. It seemed like I was constantly doing laundry. I was sick for a few days and on the last night I had such bad stomach pains that I couldn't even sleep. I was up from 1:00 am until 3:00 just holding my stomach and moaning because it hurt so much. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom a little, so I sat there on the toilet (please don't get a visual of this.......) with my head down against my knees rocking back and forth from the pain, and tried to push anything out that I could to try and make myself feel better. Well, I pushed a little too hard because the next thing I knew I had the most intense headache of my life!! It hurt much more than my stomach did at that point, so I dragged myself back to bed and managed to eventually fall asleep. In the morning my head was still pounding so Todd gave me an ibuprofen tablet and took the kids to church while I fell back asleep. When he got home at 2:30 p.m. my head felt a little better from the pain reliever, but it was still intense. I felt really spacey and like something was really wrong with me, so I looked up my symptoms on webmd and it said that I could have an aneurism and to get to the hospital asap. Todd said that his grandfather died of an aneurism, and I was really freaked out. I called Carol and luckily she was home from Sunday School, so she came over and watched the kids while Todd took me to LDS hospital. I cried all the way there thinking about what could happen to me, and thinking about leaving my children without a mother. It was not fun!

When we got to the emergency room I told them my symptoms (including the part where I pushed too hard on the toilet - how embarrassing!!!!!), and they rushed me in to see the doctor without having to wait. They gave me a shot of morphine in my IV (which was horrible - that is the worst feeling, losing control of your body like that) and wheeled me in to get a CAT scan, at which point I started to cry again (I think because the initial rush of the morphine was making me feel really panicky and strange). I haven't been that scared in a long time. I also had to get a spinal tap to check for blood in my spinal fluid. Gotta love those spinals. Todd said it was almost identical to getting an epidural during childbirth (of which I had 6 - I had to get 3 with Emily because the first two didn't work). So, after all of that was over and all of the tests came back negative - THANK HEAVENS!!!!! - we went home. The doctor said that it could have been caused from the virus, and said that if anything got worse to let him know. I felt much better the next day and even better the day after that. So, the big lesson learned from all of this is "Don't push too hard when you're on the toilet". We just got the bill from that little ER visit and it was $2,500. It will cost us $1,000, which is our deductible. That's an expensive lesson to learn, don't you think? But, I'm just glad that I'm okay and that I am alive to see another year.

After that, I concentrated on Christmas stuff. I decided to start scanning my mothers' photo albums that I've had for over 4 years to make a DVD for my sisters for Christmas. I was just going to do a few of them but I kept doing "just one more". I scanned about 11 or 12 albums and made a slide show on a DVD, but I'm just over half way finished. It's nice to be able to have them on disc and I'll be glad to get rid of the 2 huge bins of albums that I've been storing in my garage. Hopefully it won't take me another 4 years to complete. This is a picture I found of us filming "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" with Jimmy Stewart (who's standing up in the sleigh) back in 1979 I think. Heather is in the pink coat, mom, April, Marsha and me in the yellow coat. I don't know where Carol or my dad were. That was a neat experience.

Another fun one with all of us before my mission:

Anyway, to close this VERY long post, we had a wonderful Christmas together, and it's always so much fun having kids around and seeing their excitement. Happy New Year everyone!!
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