Thursday, October 1, 2009

Valentine's Day Sadness Update

I've had several people ask me how my sister is doing and what the latest is after the accident she was involved in on Valentines day (see post). Unfortunately the latest news is that she has to go to trial in December and possibly go to jail.

The highway patrolman that was on duty at the time told everyone that her tires were bald and that she was speeding. When he asked her how fast she was going while she was at the hospital (while she was still in shock) he was very rude to her and angrily asked her, "how fast were you going? 100? 80? How fast?" She said, "I don't know. Not more than 30 or 40". So from that they are charging her with speeding in unsafe conditions. She was going the same as everyone else was going. And the highway patrolman also told everyone (including my brother-in-law and the boys family) that her tires were completely bald. Her tires were worn but not completely bald. Whether you have brand new tires or worn tires, if you hit black ice you're going to slide on it. She never would have driven in a snow storm if she thought that her tires were bald. Her car never slipped even a little bit on the roads coming from Logan Canyon until she hit the exact spot of the accident over an hour later. It is the same spot that the boy who was killed slipped on, as well as the truck in back of him which ended up rear-ending him. There were hundred of accidents that day of people slipping on the ice.

The boy's family is extremely upset with my sister and wants her to suffer consequences and go to trial. They won't drop any of the charges or make them lesser charges unless she pleads guilty, and even if she does she could still go to jail. If nothing else it will go on her record and she won't be able to get a job in her field (in-home care of the elderly and handicapped). After I posted the original post about that Valentine's day, his oldest sister found my blog somehow and left a scathing remark (anonymous of course, but I have something on my blog that shows who's viewing) about how awful my sister was for killing someone and driving when she had bald tires and that she's a brain-washed mormon, etc.. It really made me sick! I promptly deleted it and felt really sorry for the families' anguish, but even more sorry that it's directed at my sweet sister who did nothing wrong that day and has ended up paying dearly already.

It's really a tragic situation because it's not going to bring their son back. It is only punishing my sister for an ACCIDENT that happened. She didn't set out to hurt anyone that morning and she certainly didn't set out that morning thinking that driving down that stretch of road could kill someone. So, now she has that looming over her head. Having her go to jail is not going to solve anything or bring him back. It's going to leave her 2 children without a mother for awhile. She has no money. Her ex-husband has been unemployed for six months now and they're living off of unemployment until next month and then they'll have nothing. The bank took their house. And now she and her kids have had to move in with my father who lives on the other side of the country. It's too bad that people can't be more forgiving. Especially those that profess to be followers of Christ. It really is sad to me. I can understand if she took a gun and shot someone on purpose, or ran her car into someone hoping to cause them harm because she was angry at them, but having your car slip on the ice and not be able to do a thing to control it is hardly a crime. I will never understand that.

So, that's the latest on the horrible Valentine's day accident! Please pray for her that the charges will be dropped and she can try to put it behind her as best as she can, and that his family can forgive her and not try and punish her anymore.
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