Monday, November 1, 2010

I’m grateful for....

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but another blog I read today inspired me. So, here’s my gratitude list so far..... I am SO blessed, and just thinking about the things I’m grateful for makes me very emotional.

I’m Thankful for:
1. A Loving Heavenly Father
2. The Atonement of Jesus Christ
3. My testimony of the Savior
4. An amazing mother and her example
5. My awesome husband
6. Andrew and his sunny disposition
7. Joseph and his quiet strength
8. Maria and her sweet nature
9. Emily and her spunky side
10. My cute dog
11. My sister Marsha
12. My sister April
13. My sister Carol
14. My sister Heather
15. My new and improved comfortable house
16. My iMac
17. A comfortable bed
18. Good neighbors
19. A great charter school for my kids to attend
20. Amazing teachers for my children
21. My Primary calling at church
22. A healthy body
23. A closet full of clothes that honor who I am
26. Carol Tuttle
27. A great role model in Anne Brown
28. Grandma Knapp
29. Good music
30. My missionary experience
31. My college degree
32. My husband’s job
33. Microwaves
34. Dishwasher
35. Refrigerator
36. Telephones
37. The internet
38. My iphone
39. My sewing machine
40. My car
41. The DVR
43. The Bible
44. All that my father taught me
45. Grass
46. My eyesight
47. My ability to hear
48. Washing Machine
49. Dryer
50. Scanner
51. The principle of repentance
52. Forgiveness
53. My brain
54. My trip to China
55. Traveling with the Tabernacle Choir to Japan
56. Traveling with Tab. Choir to Russia, Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, etc.
57. Traveling to Europe with my parents
58. Trip to Italy with husband
59. Disneyland & Disneyworld
60. Makeup
61. Grocery Stores
62. Running water
63. Electricity
64. Restaurants so I don’t have to cook
65. Husband’s vacation days
66. Opportunity to be a mother
67. Doctors
68. Green smoothies
69. Sleep
70. My favorite color – purple
71. Garage door openers
72. Double refrigerator/freezer space
73. Aunt Gwen
74. Ancestors
75. Dark chocolate mint cups
76. Spray Paint
77. Temples
78. EFT
79. Chapstick
80. Intimacy with my husband
81. Spending time with my family
82. Contact lenses
83. Telephones
84. My husbands Photography
85. Loving aunts/uncles and cousins
86. Warm showers
87. Date nights with my husband
88. Date nights with my children
89. Funny blogs that lift my spirits
90. Good neighbors
91. Email
92. A great sale
93. Thrift stores
94. Finding pants that fit
95. Glow sticks
96. Flowers
97. Kisses
98. Hugs
99. Snugly babies
100. Club nights
101. So You Think You Can Dance
102. My nieces and nephews
103. Holding hands
104. Contoured pillows
105. Comfortable shoes
106. Ipods
107. Living in America
108. The Founding Fathers
109. Fun campouts
110. This beautiful earth
111. Being able to see our deceased loved ones again someday
112. Medicines
113. Family nights
114. A living prophet
115. Comfy couches
116. Air conditioning/heat
117. Chiropractors
118. Diapers
119. Clean water
120. Being a Type 2
121. The mountains
122. Challenges that show me what I’m made of
123. Primary songs
124. Toilet paper
125. Accountants
126. Money for my wants not just needs
127. Fabric flowers that make me happy
128. Children/husband healthy
129. The commandments
130. Chocolate mint brownies
131. Fake plants
132. Memories of talks with my mom
133. Skype
134. Time outs
135. Family that lives close by
136. My sisters’ new husband
137. Being able to stay home with my children
138. My ability to sew
139. Christmas time
140. Thanksgiving
141. My husbands’ sense of humor
142. Mission reunions
143. Sunsets
144. Brother in law who’s an electrician
145. Waterfalls
146. Pioneers
147. Soap
148. Freedom of speech
149. Freedom to worship
150. Sprinkling system
151. Bedtime
152. Freeways
153. Clean air to breathe
154. Podcasts
155. Good music
156. Garbage pick up
157. Husbands’ massages
158. Always have plenty to eat
159. The ability to laugh
160. My healthy teeth
161. Strong heart
162. Spiritual experiences
163. Warm summer days playing with my children
164. Loving marriage
165. Michelle Lewis
166. Angels
167. Foot rubs
168. Getting together with Rich and Kellie
169. Garden vegetables
170. Creating things
171. Gift cards
172. Finally liking who I am
173. My flexible knees
174. Ear plugs to drown out my husbands’ snoring
175. Jane Austen books
176. Good sound system
177. Cheesecake Factory
178. Orange Leaf
179. Watching my son play football
180. Listening to my children read
181. Warming bags on a cold evening
182. Fabric department at Walmart
183. Flowing skirts
184. Reconnecting with old friends
185. When my children tell me I’m the best mom in the world
186. Big screen TV’s
187. My covered porch
188. The ability to manifest things
189. Tooth brush/paste
190. My dream kitchen
191. Epidurals
192. Digital cameras
193. Good dentists
194. Democracy and elections
195. Airplanes
196. Anesthesia
197. Insurance (health/car)
198. Fire fighters
199. Policemen
200. Service men & women
201. Being able to tell my mother that I loved her before she died
202. Sunglasses
203. Kleenex
204. Candles
205. Receiving thank you notes
206. President & Sister Turley
207. My sisters’ new house
208. A warm fire on a cold night
209. Marsha’s homemade soap
210. Staple guns
211. Hot glue guns
212. My old Young Women’s leaders
213. Scout leaders
214. Carpools
215. Kent Rasmussen, my OB/Gyn who retired :(
216. Crystal chandeliers
217. The RadKids program to help children learn about safety
218. Cindy Powell
219. Marilee Hullinger
220. The little girls that moved up the street for my girls to play with

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Picture updates

I have always been nervous to have my babies play football (and possibly get hurt), but I couldn’t deny Andrew’s pleas anymore. Andrew LOVES football and his coaches keep telling us that he’s doing amazingly well for his first year. He plays the entire game and has gotten some great tackles in (he’s #70, with his shoulder and helmet in the kids chest).
He’s in 6th grade this year, which is in Jr. High at his school, and he really likes it and is doing very well. He’s not only an amazing athlete, but he’s such a good, sweet boy. He always comes up to me and gives me hugs and kisses (as long as we’re not at school) and I adore him!

What a stud...

Joseph is absolutely loving school this year. This is the first year that he’s really been challenged at school, and boy is he eating it up. He has one of the lead parts in his class play, which he’s excited about. That kid can memorize like no other! When he was 3 years old he memorized a whole page talk for Primary in about 15 minutes. Talk about genius. He also is constantly kissing me and hugging me. I’ve got the lovey-est boys and I’m diggin’ it!
He’s a born entertainer....

Maria is my little sweetheart. She loves dressing up in her twirly skirts (a girl after my own heart), she loves school, and her teacher says that she’s the nicest, sweetest girl she’s met. She’s getting one A and the rest A+ in school so we told her that she needs to stop being a slacker and work a little harder. She’s also still very much attached to her blanky.

I still have Emily home in the afternoons after kindergarten (thank heavens or I’d be curled up in the fetal position). She’s so much fun. She loves school, too and is an amazing reader. She acts like she’s 15 instead of 5.

She’s so sassy!

As you can see she loves playing on the computer taking pictures of herself and making videos.

I’ve been keeping busy volunteering at the kids’ school. They go to an amazing charter school. I feel very blessed to have them there because it’s such a wonderful learning environment. They make learning so much fun, but it’s also very disciplined. They are challenged and are in break out groups for math, reading and spelling so that they can advance at their level and not be held back by the slowest in the class. They also have hands on activities about the things that they’re learning about, which is so great for kids to retain information. I would have been a much different student in school if I had gone to a school like that.

Todd still works long hours doing taxes (yuck). I have no idea how he does it. On the side he still loves photography, which is nice that he has a hobby. He got his first check from his very first professional gig. He is now the official photographer for Taubman, who is the leasing company for the retail portion of the City Creek Center downtown. He goes down once a month and takes pictures for them. He was pretty stoked! They were absolutely shocked when they found out that he is an accountant and not a professional photographer. Everyone in their company loves his pictures, so his head is swelling a little bit. :)
This is him holding his check!

Can you tell I adore him? He’s such a great guy!

Because of the tax deadline on Sept. 15th I didn’t see much of him, and didn’t have a chance to give him a haircut, which he was long overdue for. As we were finishing up laying sod on our yard a few weeks ago I looked over at him and burst out laughing. His hair had gotten so long that it was curled up over his ears and was sticking out of his hat. It reminded me of a handlebar mustache. Every time I would look at him I would lose it. He brings me so much needed laughter in my life!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School

School: The kids started back to school on August 18th. I wasn’t ready for them to go back, but they were, and they’re LOVING school! Emily started kindergarten this year and the first morning she went I got a little emotional (but didn’t show her so she wouldn’t have a hard time). After I waved goodbye as they took off down the street I walked back inside and decided to have a positive attitude about the whole thing. So, I exercised uninterrupted (which I never really did when Emily was around because she wanted my attention), I cleaned my house, showered, and got caught up on a few emails. It was actually really nice!
First Day of School

Football: Andrew has been begging us to let him play football for years, so this year we finally agreed. He’s absolutely loving it, and he’s actually really good. It takes up a ton of time taking him to and from practices 4 times a week, plus games on Saturday, but hopefully he loves it enough to make it worth it. We told Joseph that we’d let him play next year.

Storms: A few weeks ago on Sunday there was a storm so Todd got us all in the car and drove us up to the top of the hill in Bountiful so we could watch it coming in. It was super windy and the kids got out of the car and were running around having the best time. Talk about cheap entertainment. They were adorable!!

And Joseph was so funny. As they were getting back in the car so we could go he said, “Mom, take a picture of me running next to car like you’re leaving me”. So, here you go...
Dogs: Shadow is such a cute little dog. We all love him very much. He follows me everywhere, and I love it every morning when he comes in the house after “going" outside when he runs around the house looking for me to give him loves before he does anything else. The girls love pampering him too. Notice Maria’s blanky tucked up next to him. He got attacked by a big dog tonight on our walk and we were all traumatized by it, but he wasn’t seriously hurt. He’ll be a little sore for a few days though. The poor thing! I’d better not ever see that dog around here again or there will be serious trouble......
Dates: Other than school, football, and Todd’s busy time at work we’ve been squeezing in dates with the kids every Wednesday night. Todd takes a child one week, then I’ll take another the next week, and so on, so that they each get a date every month. They LOVE it!! They come back so happy and excited. They look forward to their special date for weeks. We have a rule that we can only spend $10, so they usually choose something like a hike, or playing at the park, etc. so that we can go get ice cream after. It’s been really great! I highly recommend it.

Bonus shot: Here’s the nerdy couple being very weird. It’s our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday, September 6th. I love you Todd - You’re the BEST!!! There’s no one I’d rather spend my life and eternity with than you.

Monday, June 28, 2010


On Saturday Todd and I went to dinner and then on a hike up to Ensign Peak to watch the sunset and take pictures. As we were looking over the valley we started talking to a guy from Colorado named Greg Stone who works for AT & T. He was a super nice guy, and as we were talking to him the sun started to set. I told Todd, "Get a picture of this, it's amazing". He got a picture of it, and for the next 10-15 minutes I sat there commenting about how amazing the gorgeous sunset was and I kept telling Todd, "Oh my goodness, this is so amazing. Get another picture." The sky had these brilliant reds and I was blown away with how gorgeous it was.

(This is what I was seeing with the amazing reds. Isn't it incredible?)

Neither Todd nor Greg said much about it, but I thought it was just because they were talking about other things, or that they wanted to be studly and not be overcome with emotion over a sunset like I was doing. A few minutes later I took off my sunglasses for something and looked up at the sunset and realized that what I was seeing with my sunglasses on was NOT the same thing that Todd was seeing. For some reason my sunglasses made the colors so brilliant!
(This is the picture that Todd took of the "amazing" sunset. It's okay, but nothing to get excited over, right?)

I started laughing hysterically because I was embarrassed that I was gushing about this amazing sunset when it was nothing great. I'm sure Greg thought I was completely weird. Todd and I had a good laugh over it, and I realized that even though two people are experiencing the exact same thing, their reaction to it can be so completely different!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Profesher, professo, ???"

My kids love to play with the "photo booth" feature on my computer. They come up with some really entertaining things. I saw this video on my computer this morning that I thought was pretty funny. Emily was obviously feeling pretty sassy after she had put lipstick and fingernail polish on. She is quite the character!!!

Here's another one of the boys that I just found....

And Maria's creation....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Our talented dog

When I leave to go on errands I usually put Shadow in his cage where he sleeps. It's really small and I always feel so bad that he doesn't have room to play so I decided to get him a pen. I got the 24" high one yesterday and put him in it, only to have him greet me at the door a few hours later. I couldn't believe he got out because he's not that big. I went back today and got the 30" one, sure that that would keep him in. Well, I put him in it and then went to the bathroom before I left. Not 2 minutes later he rounded the corner. So, I guess I'll try and get the 48" high one and see how that goes. I had no idea I had such a talented dog on my hands.

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