Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School

School: The kids started back to school on August 18th. I wasn’t ready for them to go back, but they were, and they’re LOVING school! Emily started kindergarten this year and the first morning she went I got a little emotional (but didn’t show her so she wouldn’t have a hard time). After I waved goodbye as they took off down the street I walked back inside and decided to have a positive attitude about the whole thing. So, I exercised uninterrupted (which I never really did when Emily was around because she wanted my attention), I cleaned my house, showered, and got caught up on a few emails. It was actually really nice!
First Day of School

Football: Andrew has been begging us to let him play football for years, so this year we finally agreed. He’s absolutely loving it, and he’s actually really good. It takes up a ton of time taking him to and from practices 4 times a week, plus games on Saturday, but hopefully he loves it enough to make it worth it. We told Joseph that we’d let him play next year.

Storms: A few weeks ago on Sunday there was a storm so Todd got us all in the car and drove us up to the top of the hill in Bountiful so we could watch it coming in. It was super windy and the kids got out of the car and were running around having the best time. Talk about cheap entertainment. They were adorable!!

And Joseph was so funny. As they were getting back in the car so we could go he said, “Mom, take a picture of me running next to car like you’re leaving me”. So, here you go...
Dogs: Shadow is such a cute little dog. We all love him very much. He follows me everywhere, and I love it every morning when he comes in the house after “going" outside when he runs around the house looking for me to give him loves before he does anything else. The girls love pampering him too. Notice Maria’s blanky tucked up next to him. He got attacked by a big dog tonight on our walk and we were all traumatized by it, but he wasn’t seriously hurt. He’ll be a little sore for a few days though. The poor thing! I’d better not ever see that dog around here again or there will be serious trouble......
Dates: Other than school, football, and Todd’s busy time at work we’ve been squeezing in dates with the kids every Wednesday night. Todd takes a child one week, then I’ll take another the next week, and so on, so that they each get a date every month. They LOVE it!! They come back so happy and excited. They look forward to their special date for weeks. We have a rule that we can only spend $10, so they usually choose something like a hike, or playing at the park, etc. so that we can go get ice cream after. It’s been really great! I highly recommend it.

Bonus shot: Here’s the nerdy couple being very weird. It’s our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday, September 6th. I love you Todd - You’re the BEST!!! There’s no one I’d rather spend my life and eternity with than you.
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