Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Picture updates

I have always been nervous to have my babies play football (and possibly get hurt), but I couldn’t deny Andrew’s pleas anymore. Andrew LOVES football and his coaches keep telling us that he’s doing amazingly well for his first year. He plays the entire game and has gotten some great tackles in (he’s #70, with his shoulder and helmet in the kids chest).
He’s in 6th grade this year, which is in Jr. High at his school, and he really likes it and is doing very well. He’s not only an amazing athlete, but he’s such a good, sweet boy. He always comes up to me and gives me hugs and kisses (as long as we’re not at school) and I adore him!

What a stud...

Joseph is absolutely loving school this year. This is the first year that he’s really been challenged at school, and boy is he eating it up. He has one of the lead parts in his class play, which he’s excited about. That kid can memorize like no other! When he was 3 years old he memorized a whole page talk for Primary in about 15 minutes. Talk about genius. He also is constantly kissing me and hugging me. I’ve got the lovey-est boys and I’m diggin’ it!
He’s a born entertainer....

Maria is my little sweetheart. She loves dressing up in her twirly skirts (a girl after my own heart), she loves school, and her teacher says that she’s the nicest, sweetest girl she’s met. She’s getting one A and the rest A+ in school so we told her that she needs to stop being a slacker and work a little harder. She’s also still very much attached to her blanky.

I still have Emily home in the afternoons after kindergarten (thank heavens or I’d be curled up in the fetal position). She’s so much fun. She loves school, too and is an amazing reader. She acts like she’s 15 instead of 5.

She’s so sassy!

As you can see she loves playing on the computer taking pictures of herself and making videos.

I’ve been keeping busy volunteering at the kids’ school. They go to an amazing charter school. I feel very blessed to have them there because it’s such a wonderful learning environment. They make learning so much fun, but it’s also very disciplined. They are challenged and are in break out groups for math, reading and spelling so that they can advance at their level and not be held back by the slowest in the class. They also have hands on activities about the things that they’re learning about, which is so great for kids to retain information. I would have been a much different student in school if I had gone to a school like that.

Todd still works long hours doing taxes (yuck). I have no idea how he does it. On the side he still loves photography, which is nice that he has a hobby. He got his first check from his very first professional gig. He is now the official photographer for Taubman, who is the leasing company for the retail portion of the City Creek Center downtown. He goes down once a month and takes pictures for them. He was pretty stoked! They were absolutely shocked when they found out that he is an accountant and not a professional photographer. Everyone in their company loves his pictures, so his head is swelling a little bit. :)
This is him holding his check!

Can you tell I adore him? He’s such a great guy!

Because of the tax deadline on Sept. 15th I didn’t see much of him, and didn’t have a chance to give him a haircut, which he was long overdue for. As we were finishing up laying sod on our yard a few weeks ago I looked over at him and burst out laughing. His hair had gotten so long that it was curled up over his ears and was sticking out of his hat. It reminded me of a handlebar mustache. Every time I would look at him I would lose it. He brings me so much needed laughter in my life!

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