Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a visit from Santa a few days before Christmas. We heard later that 6 of his "reindeer" were up the street on our neighbors lawn (we have lots of deer around here in the winter time). Imagine how cool that was for the neighbors kids' that saw it. It totally made their year!! (Santa is the best neighbor on the planet to come and visit the neighbor kids every year)

I came home from errands today and Todd had helped the girls figure out how to bake in their new Easy Bake Oven. What a hunk!
Emily came down the hallway in this outfit. She got the skirt and boots for Christmas and she's modeling it with her thrift store coat that she fell in love with. Hard to believe she's only 5 1/2!!! And boy does she have attitude and spunk!
As you can tell she loves leopard print and chose this dress for her bear for Christmas.

Andrew took this cool picture with his new camera. It's the only thing he's wanted all year long. Thanks to a generous neighbor who paid him to watch their house while they were gone, he was able to pay the extra money to get a better camera, and he's super excited to be able to start taking pictures with his dad downtown.
Maria's new favorite game is Mastermind, which I bought for the kids for Christmas. I used to love playing it when I was younger and bought it hoping that my kids might like it too. Maria has become really good at it. She's also in heaven because she got a cute doll for Christmas.

At our Christmas party with the family. Notice the entertainment center? The sides were from something I bought off of They were oak so I painted them white. I also found the t.v. stand at the D.I. for $30 and painted it to match, so the whole thing cost me just over $200, paint included. It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Joseph has loved watching football on his time off with his dad and brother. He's become quite the Ute and Buckeye fan!
It's been so much fun getting together with family. I love this time of year!!

And for those of you who are dark chocolate & mint lovers do I have the cookie for you! It's heaven in a box, seriously!!! It's better than any other cookie I've tried (even girl scout thin mints). It's only available for the holidays I found out, but that's a good thing or I'd eat them every day.
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