Monday, May 17, 2010

My awesome hubby!

My super talented hubby has been taking pictures now for a couple of years. It started out as just wanting to keep updated on the construction going on downtown (the City Creek Center) because he was so fascinated with the process, so he'd go every Saturday morning and walk the streets getting
shots of all of the construction. Shortly after that he bought a professional camera and then started learning how to use it and do different things with the settings.

He has gotten SO good that he was contacted a few months ago from someone wanting to buy one of his pictures. And, last year the owners of the 222 South Main building that was just completed asked to use his photos for their marketing pamphlets. They even framed one of his pictures and gave it to the mayor and invited us to the opening ceremonies. He's very modest and would never boast about his talents, so I'll do it for him!!

It's been really fun displaying his awesome photography in our house, and to know that it was him that did it!! I'll post just a few of my favorites for all of you to enjoy....(you can tell that I love the temple ones the best)

P.S. Happy Birthday tomorrow, Todd. I love you!!

P.S.S. Todd just got an email today from the architect for the City Creek Center. They said that they were all very impressed with his photos and wanted to use them in their marketing efforts!!! Wow!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Feeling crafty!

I decided to make some fun, bright flower clips for my fabulous aunt in Chicago who has recently come to realize what an adorable, fun, zippy person she really is (and support that with the way she dresses)! I hope it will be a good reminder for her to remember who she is, and that she doesn't need to act like someone she's not just because the people around her think it's not acceptable. So, "Sybi" keep being the ray of sunshine that we all know and love!! We love you dearly - xoxoxo

These two are my faves....
And I made these for Emily, who is my exotic, rich and dynamic little girl.

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