Monday, June 28, 2010


On Saturday Todd and I went to dinner and then on a hike up to Ensign Peak to watch the sunset and take pictures. As we were looking over the valley we started talking to a guy from Colorado named Greg Stone who works for AT & T. He was a super nice guy, and as we were talking to him the sun started to set. I told Todd, "Get a picture of this, it's amazing". He got a picture of it, and for the next 10-15 minutes I sat there commenting about how amazing the gorgeous sunset was and I kept telling Todd, "Oh my goodness, this is so amazing. Get another picture." The sky had these brilliant reds and I was blown away with how gorgeous it was.

(This is what I was seeing with the amazing reds. Isn't it incredible?)

Neither Todd nor Greg said much about it, but I thought it was just because they were talking about other things, or that they wanted to be studly and not be overcome with emotion over a sunset like I was doing. A few minutes later I took off my sunglasses for something and looked up at the sunset and realized that what I was seeing with my sunglasses on was NOT the same thing that Todd was seeing. For some reason my sunglasses made the colors so brilliant!
(This is the picture that Todd took of the "amazing" sunset. It's okay, but nothing to get excited over, right?)

I started laughing hysterically because I was embarrassed that I was gushing about this amazing sunset when it was nothing great. I'm sure Greg thought I was completely weird. Todd and I had a good laugh over it, and I realized that even though two people are experiencing the exact same thing, their reaction to it can be so completely different!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I love dressing my truth!!!

I found out about "Dressing Your Truth" last year and it has been life changing for me. (Check it out at

I made this video for the "Give yourself a Dressing Your Truth Makeover" contest, "which is intended to capture both the external and internal transformation that takes place when a woman fully embraces and applies the Beauty Profile and Dressing Your Truth principles".

I was very hesitant about making a video because it seemed very vulnerable for me to have to put myself out there and share myself with people who I don't know, and who may not appreciate or understand the journey that I've been on. I've told several people about it but some don't really get it. They think that it's all about wearing nice clothes and how to dress up because they've said, "Oh, I just like wearing sweats or T-shirts to be comfortable" even though it's SO much more that! But, I thought it was important enough to share in the hopes that other women will be helped by it, and to come to know for themselves who they really are and that we are all beautiful!

So, check out my video and let me know what you think...

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