Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy Lady

I had a really funny experience the other day. I went to pick up Truman for Joseph's football carpool and as I was flipping a U turn on Bountiful Blvd. in front of Truman's house I honked as usual. I noticed a couple just north of his house walking on the sidewalk towards me. I thought, "oops, they're probably thinking I'm honking at them". Just before I came to a stop in front of his house, I noticed that the couple was President and Sister Uchtdorf! (for those of you who don't know who that is check him out here).

I thought, "Oh great, they probably think I'm some crazy lady who noticed them walking and flipped my car around in front of them to talk to them". He was very friendly and walked up to the car. I rolled down the window and said, "Sorry, I wasn't honking at you. I'm here picking up someone for football. And as I was turning I said to myself "Hey I know who that is". He saw Joseph in the front seat and said, "Hi, what's your name?" and then he shook his hand and asked about Jordan Nellis and Maria in the middle seat. He didn't see Emily in the back seat though. He also introduced us to his wife. As Truman got in the car he said, "Oh you have enough in here for a team". As they walked back to the sidewalk and I was pulling away I yelled out, "I loved your talk" (referring to the Forget Me Not talk he gave at the last R.S. mtg. which I loved). He was probably wondering which one I was talking about since he's given 3 talks in the last few months. :{

Anyway, it was a really funny experience and a really neat one too. They were both so sweet and genuine, and it was neat to know that they live right here in my area. I had to chuckle as I drove away wondering what they must have thought of this crazy lady in a suburban flipping a U-turn and honking in front of them. :) I'm sure they get recognized all of the time!

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