Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun in St. George

Todd had to go to tax training in St. George last weekend so he suggested that we all come along. We had SO much fun together! In addition to missing the really bad windstorm that was happening here in Bountiful (which we were really grateful for), we went on a few fun hikes, went shopping, out to eat, and enjoyed each others company.

One of the last days we were there Joseph started dancing in Subway as we were eating lunch. That is SO not like him to do that in public. I whipped out my phone and recorded him. Then, he decided that he was going to dance out in the shopping square, in Old Navy (which I didn't get a recording of - bummer!), and even Walmart. He said that because we were 5 hours away he didn't know anyone and wasn't as inhibited. It was really fun to watch him. As you can hear from the video I couldn't stop laughing.

Hiking in Kolob Canyon

Family at Kolob Canyon by tmac97slc

IMG_5536 by tmac97slc
Zion National Park

Family at Zions by tmac97slc

Family in Zions by tmac97slc

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