Thursday, January 26, 2012


A few weeks ago we made a quick weekend trip down to Las Vegas for the funeral of my cousin. He was in the FBI and living in Puerto Rico. He drowned while saving a teenager from drowning in the ocean. Read story here.... "FBI Agent drowns". He was a pretty amazing guy!

All of my sisters but one was able to go.
Two of them who are from out of state were able to drive down with us. It was SO great to be able to connect with them again and talk and visit like old times. I've really missed them a lot! We were sad that our other sister couldn't go, but I was glad that most of them could make it.

The funeral was the best one I've been to! The talks were amazing, and it was really touching to see so many FBI agents there supporting the family (including the Deputy Director of the FBI).

It was great to see my Knapp uncles, aunts and cousin's again. Since my mom died I don't hear from them very often and we don't have the opportunities to connect like we used to, which is sad. After the funeral we went back to the hotel and blew off a little steam posing for silly pictures.

That night the whole extended family got together in a conference room of a hotel and talked for hours which was so great!

Sunday morning we were going to go to Sacrament Meeting and then drive home. Unfortunately I got super sick the night before and had the stomach flu. I was on the bathroom floor most of the night with the most intense stomach pains and I almost threw up several times. In the morning when Todd found out how sick I was he thought it would be best to leave right away to get me home. I didn't know how I was going to survive in the car since I couldn't even get out of bed. We packed everything up and got in the car to drive to another hotel and pick up my uncle so he could drive home with us as well.

Unfortunately on the way there, Emily threw up! Poor Marsha was sitting next to her, but she was a total trooper and remained calm and helped to clean it up. We made an emergency stop at Target to get some clorox wipes and bags for the ride home. If anyone ever needs some good "travel bags" Target bags are the way to go. They are super sturdy and don't leak. And they're free. Marsha was SO cute with the kids all the way home and she made up songs, made up code names for the kids (Andrew's name was Rock, Joseph's was Face, Maria's was Seriously and Emily's was Sass) and played games with them the whole way home. It was so adorable! Talk about a good aunt!! (isn't she a babe?)

It was the longest drive from Las Vegas to Bountiful on record since we stopped in every town from there to here, but no one complained luckily. Todd was a trooper as well and made sure everyone was well taken care of. What would I do without him?

Overall it was such a great weekend. I'm so grateful that I have cousins who are such great examples of Christ like love, and sisters who are as well, and who I love and adore!!
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