Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disney World

We spent a week in Florida going to Disney World last week and it was SO MUCH FUN!  It was so great to get away with just our family and make lasting memories.

Here are some of the highlights....

We love the Toy Story Mania ride (from California Adventure) but the ride was ridiculously long, so we only went on it once.

 We had to fit in a visit to Pooh and Tigger.  The boys were too cool to pose for the picture.

I went on the Kali River Rapids ride the first time and got completely soaked, so I passed on going on it again, but I got this good shot of everyone else.

 Todd wasn't very happy about having to pose for this picture in the store, but I made him try on the hat and take a picture just for the fun of it.  What a sport!  :)

 The guy that was "Gaston" was so perfect!!  After meeting him, he said, "The pleasure was all yours".
 Now, we get to the good pictures that Todd, the professional, took.  Rock n Rollercoaster was our favorite!
 The castle turns such pretty colors.  Green, blue, purple, pink and white.
 They had just opened up the new Fantasyland area in Magic Kingdom, and this is the Beauty and the Beast area.  It's so cool!!
 Ariel's castle for the "Little Mermaid" ride.

 The Germany section of Epcot.  Just to the left is our favorite carmel shop.  YUM!!!
The Illuminations show at Epcot was amazing!
On our last day we spent it at Magic Kingdom.  We had heard that Steven Tyler was there as well as Ryan Seacrest.  I had told Todd earlier that it would be so cool to meet Steven Tyler so I could tell him that I love his music (which makes Rock n Rollercoaster so much fun).  We sent the kids on one last ride at Splash Mountain and Todd waited by the exit while I ran to get Emily a frozen lemonade, which she had asked for all day.  I was gone for 3 minutes and when I came back, Todd showed me this shot on his camera.......

I about died.  I said, "Are you kidding me?"  He said that he was just sitting there looking through all of the shots on his camera and he heard a voice say, "did you get any good shots?".  He said, "yes" and he looked up.  He realized who it was and then Steven said, "Well, would you like the shot of a lifetime?" Todd said, "Sure" and he set up the tri pod and got this one.  Too bad he had the turkey leg up to his mouth, but it really was him.  Several other people asked him if they could take a picture, but he said that he had a plane to catch, and he and his family walked out the back door service entrance and left the park.  The things we do for our children!  :D  I was so glad though that Todd was able to meet him and get the picture.  It totally made his night.

We had a great time and were bummed that we had to get back to reality (and freezing cold weather), but it was totally worth it!  I've got such a great family and it was so fun to spend a week not doing anything other than talking and having fun.
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