Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome 2014

2014 came in with a bang!  

Bishop McKinley - 1st Day (and feeling very overwhelmed!!)

Went to several U. of U. basketball games..

The girls posed for some pictures in their new clothes....

Joseph got braces!!

Andrew got his off the next month.  Yay!

First ever field trip with Emily - Capital Theatre

Easter Egg Hunt with cousins.

Maria in her school play - Peter Pan (with the yellow bandana on her head)

celebrating Andrew's birthday....

And Emily's the next day....

Another field trip with Emily (tulip festival)

Took an amazing trip to Italy with April and Jeff... We were celebrating the end of tax season and April's 50th birthday this summer.  I can't believe she's going to be 50!  She looks like she's 30.

 Todd's awesome photography...

We had to check out all of the gelato places for April.  We probably had gelato at least 4 times every day.  So fun!

Photo bomber!

Another photo bomber!

When we got home we got to go to the girls' first ever ballet recital!  They were amazing dancers.

Went on a few more fun field trips and weekend drives up in the mountains...

It was 70 degrees in the valley, but 30 and snowing up in the Uintah mountains.  Pretty crazy!

Emily got braces!

Had a flower making party with the girls and their friends...

We finally have a garden after 5 years.  Yay!!!  This is the first of 2 grow boxes Todd made..

Took a fun trip to Yellowstone after school ended...
(The kids are trying not to gag with the sulfur smell!) 

And celebrated Maria's birthday with a cake she made all by herself!  
Whew.  That was a lot packed into 6 months.

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Kellie Knapp said...

I'm lovin' all these updates! Also I CANNOT get over the girls in their ballet costumes. STUNNING!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! BREATHTAKING!!!!

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